Initial Consultation

This is an initial Nutrition Consult. This consult will go over your Nutrition History Questionnaire, provide suggestions or adjustments, discuss supplements, daily nutrition/hydration, training schedule and more before putting a nutrition plan into action.

Personalized Monthly Macro Check-Ins

Are you curious about how many calories and what macronutrient breakdown you should be getting in a day to fuel your activities and reach your current health, physique and performance goals? A caloric assessment will inform you of a caloric and macronutrient intake necessary for your specific age, height, weight, sex, gender and goals on an active day versus a rest day. Your unique macronutrient breakdown will inform you of the appropriate grams of carbohydrate, fat and protein necessary for your specific body, health and fitness goals plus info on how to set up and track using MyFitnessPal. We will start with an nutrition consult.

Monthly Customized Meal Plans

This plan is great for those trying to lose weight (decrease body fat %) or those wanting to put on lean muscle tissue. Each plan is unique to the individual and their goals. 3 months minimum adherence to a loss or massing protocol has been shown to be most effective for maintaining weight achieved post plan. 3 months of Plans that are designed for your type of training and time of day you train. 4 check-ins per month. Plan gives you some freedom as to food choices but gives you suggested portions and timing of intake to best support your fitness and health goals.

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1-on-1 Programming 

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When it comes to nutrition, everyone is different. Different genetic make ups, different reactions to certain foods and different struggles. After I take an in depth look on your habits, history and exercise routine I’ll create a personalized nutrition plan based on your own needs.

This will be a macro-based nutrition plan with specifications on the three macronutrients — carbs, fat and protein. However, if you’re looking for a particular diet (paleo, keto, dairy-free/gluten-free), I cater to those as well. This personalized plan will take nutrient timing, types of food and supplementation into consideration as well.

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I am available anytime via email ( as needed and clients will have access to text me as need be as well.

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