The Outbound Pursuit Series x The Athlete's Kitchen

Summer is approaching quicker than we think which means The Outbound Pursuit Series is almost here!

I am partnering up with The Outbound Collective and The Outbound Pursuit Series to provide nutrition seminars, cooking demos and more!

What is it?

There are 3 different events taking place over the summer in June, August and September. These will be held in Utah, Northern California and North Carolina. Find more details about these fun events here.

What will I be doing?

Over the course of these 3 day events, I will be teaching nutrition seminars and cooking demos about cooking for the outdoors, meal prep and more! The other times I won’t be at my stand I’ll be off exploring on all their adventures they offer.

Needing a vacation or an outdoor excursion?

Check out the events and come camping with me and many others for the experience of a lifetime!

See you there.

Stephanie LodgeComment