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Our protein-packed snacks are made for athletes to supercharge their training and recovery. Just one serving contains 30 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!

Having worked with athletes for years, it became clear one thing was missing. Protein snacks athletes ACTUALLY looked forward to eating. After hearing the same complaints for years, I finally did something about it and made the most delicious protein-packed snack possible.

During a tough race, game, or after a training session, athletes NEED to refuel. If they do have food, it’s typically filled with additives and other junk such as enriched flours and sugars.

Tons of protein snacks are filled with mysterious proprietary blends, just take a look at their label! Below is just a few of the ingredients our products provide:
Whey protein isolate, monk fruit sweetener, peanut butter powder, coconut flour, and tapioca flour.

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