We make fresh batches once a week and send out product every Monday to avoid packages sitting in warehouses over the weekend. So if you order a product on Tuesday, it will not be shipped out until that following Monday.

      Refunds, Returns, and Reshipments

      We do not accept any returned items - we ship food products that cannot be sent back.

      If your order contains the wrong or missing items, we gladly we reshipment them accordingly.

      If you enter the incorrect address and your order is shipped, we are not liable. We do the best we can to process and ship orders fast, and we also do our best to check emails, but it is up to you to enter the correct information.

      Nutrition/Allergen Information:

      Ingredients are always listed on the website descriptions and products.

      How Will My Product Arrive?

      The product will arrive in an insulated container to keep it cold. The ice pack inside is meant to keep it cold so you can continue to freeze or store the dough. Please keep dough refrigerated at all times. This is your responsibility. 

      Why The Shipping Cost?

      We are an extremely small team that has created everything from scratch. We are a fresh, made to order item made right here in US.  topping, every ingredient, and every batch are handmade and weighed with your macros in mind. The time into getting orders checked in the shop, distributed in the correct shipping zones, hand plated, packaged, lided and sealed takes labor of 3-5 minutes per package. On top of that, we have to pay UPS for their service which is a minimum of $10 per package for large volume customers.

      Is Cookie Dough Safe At Room Temperature?

      We ask that you please keep these products refrigerated as soon as you receive them. These products are good for up to 7 days in the refrigerator from the date listed on the sticker on the bottom. Please consume or freeze by 7 days after this date.

      How Long Does Cookie Dough Last? 

      Cookie dough lasts about 2 weeks (max) in the fridge and 90 days in the freezer.