Shopping Seasonal: Eating Spring and Summer Produce

Next weekend marks the first Farmer’s Market of 2019! The Boulder Farmer’s Market closes for what seems to be forever in the winter, but the first Saturday of April they open back up.

Shopping at farmer’s markets can be a great way to not only obtain fresh produce, but to help support the local farms and small businesses around you as well.

If you can’t tell from my recipes, I am a huge fan of adding in some fruits and veggies to the meal. Besides the classic leafy greens, here are some of my favorites:

  • Beets 1.6P/0F/10C

  • Bell Peppers 1P/0F/5C

  • Carrots 1P/0F/10C

  • Radishes 0P/0F/3.5C  

  • Zucchini 0P/0F/3C

  • Cherries 1P/12C/0F

  • Blackberries 1.4P/10C/0F

  • Strawberries  0P/0F/8C

  • Peaches 1P/10C/0F

  • Tomatoes 1P/4C/0F

  • Cantaloupe 1P/8C/0F

  • Bok choy 1.18C

  • Mustard greens 1.6C

  • Radishes 1.8C

  • Swiss chard 2.1C

  • Zucchini 2.11C

  • Cauliflower 2.97C

  • Green cabbage 3C

  • White cabbage 3.07C

  • Cucumbers 3.13C

  • Broccoli 4.4C

  • Turnips 4.63C

  • Brussels sprouts 5.15C

  • Kale 5.15C

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